About us

Mourne Capital Group is a proprietary investment boutique and asset manager focusing internationally with projects including property, developments, hydrocarbons, security and commodities.  Our team consists of experienced professionals within the field of property, hotel development, security design & installation, commodity acquisitions, the EPC of oil and gas projects. As consultants our team advises and assists on the confidential acquisition of major investment assets to both corporates and high network individuals.

Mourne Capital Group is currently engaged on the following strategic projects in the following global regions:

  • Ireland- development of social, affordable and private housing
  • Central Africa – with mining licences – the exploration of copper, lithium and AU
  • Oceania – hydrocarbons – including LNG and offshore and onshore exploration
  • Europe, Africa and the UAE – infrastructure and strategic security both overt and covert 

Meeting with HRH Fadhel Alsabah Al Sabah and Mr Philip Wylie, Managing Director at Mourne Capital Group, collectively discussing ongoing projects.

Meeting with UBS, the oldest and largest Swiss banking institution, manages the largest share of private wealth in the world, with total assets under management amounting to 3.5 trillion dollars as of 2020.

Along with Mr. Michael Jalbert, the Executive Vice President, at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices (BHHS), the world’s largest residential real estate brokerage, with 750k contracts and more than $450 billion Sales in 2020

New Court, City of London, Mr. Majid Ishaq, the Co-Head of Rothschild Bank & Co., the crown jewel in the prestigious Rothschild banking group, which is controlled by the French and British branches of the Rothschild family.

With the Managing Director of Saudi Crown Holdings a multi family office focused on identifying strategic European, American, and emerging economies’ potential partners to create long-term partnerships in the form of Joint Ventures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.