• Independent Irish/UK company that specialises in both covert and overt security across a diverse sector of projects globally.
  • Our expert team has partnered with high profile individuals, companies and Governments to make projects become reality.
  • Our specialist team has secured contracts to deliver the security for the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Palaces, Embassies, Oil Refineries, Airports and border controls systems to the latest CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) standards.

Indigo Vision  - HOW WE MADE 100 AIRPORTS SAFE 

 As it’s imperative to monitor everything, our security cameras can record in absolute darkness.  Our system lets you monitor and record thousands of security cameras, remotely and simultaneously.

As you can’t afford a breakdown, we build video security solutions that have no single point of failure.

Securing cities, towns, ports, borders and Airport Security Systems CCTV, Perimeter Intrusion Detectors (PIDS)

Static Command Control Room               

Car Number Plate Recognition